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  A Note from the Executive Director.....


  Dear Faithful Friends,

        If ever the protective hand of the Lord was needed, that time is now. What we are seeing around our country has certainly eclipsed anything in the memories of most, if not all of us. Through it all, the promise of an ever-present God of love and grace is a constant reminder that we are never out of His care. The eternal source of life and love humbled Himself to become like us to the extent that He even subjected Himself to death. It is the promised "peace on earth" that is found in the infant of the nativity, the Savior on the cross, and of the empty tomb. That peace is found in a living, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

        Good things are happening at Grace Publications, but we have several projects that we have been forced to put on hold for lack of funds. Covid  has had its impact on our monthly support. However, we continue to press forward to prepare and upgrade our literature for future printing. So many of our books were printed before the current computerized systems. So, while we do not currently need to reprint many of them, we are scanning them into the computer and formatting them for printing when the time comes. The digital format will also enable us to convert the books to E-books when necessary.

        Pastor Bultema's monumental work "Maranatha" is finished and available for purchase! With everything that is happening in the world right now, we hear so much talk about the "end times". However there is so much confusion regarding the who, what, when, and where of the events of those last days. A lack of "right division" has lead to varied opinions. "Maranatha" is a book that deals with God's working in the future and how His chosen people and we fit in and where.

        We have 3 new commentaries available by Robert Williams. Bob came to know the Lord in 1969 at a Billy Graham crusade at the age of 25. The Lord right-away gave him a strong desire to study the Bible and eventually an equally strong desire to teach what he learned. He has several articles published in the journal of Grace Theology, and at age 76 now has time to do extensive study, teaching and writing.

        Grace Publications operates on a very minimal budget. Last year we received an unexpected gift that has enabled us to complete several projects. However, that gift will soon be depleted. When that happens, Grace Publications will be in trouble and its future ministry in doubt. Would you consider a monetary gift to sustain and further the ministry of Grace Publications or perhaps add Grace Publications to your monthly giving?

        We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your prayers and support in the past and your continued partnership in this ministry. May the Lord fill your lives with His immeasurable love and peace.


        In  His Grace,

          Timothy McGarvey

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