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A Note from the Executive Director.....


Dear Faithful Friends,


The leaves are turning as God uses His amazing brush to give us the colors of fall. For some there is a certain aroma in the air of burning leaves that takes them back to their childhood of raking the leaves into a pile only to jump in and spread them around. The air is turning cold and the frost is already on the pumpkins. The white evidence of Adam's fall will soon be falling, marking the end of fall and the beginning of my long winter's nap. But, regardless of the weather, the sun is always ablaze above the clouds and the sky is a constant blue.

Life here at Grace Publications goes on. We praise the Lord for this ministry and are faced every day with the knowledge that the troubles of this world will only be solved when the Righteous King sits upon His throne. By the time you read this the midterm elections will be behind us (And thankfully so will the ads). We will either be happy or sad about the results. But regardless of who wins, our political system will not usher in the Kingdom of God. Believers must be ready to rise up for Christ. To stand against the evil of the day. Remember, Christians were never called to fit in. They are called to stand out.

May the holiday season find you rejoicing in the Lord and celebrating His amazing grace.

          In His Grace,

          Timothy McGarvey